At Global Yacht Services GmbH, we firmly believe in the power of good. We recognize the significance of playing our part in supporting the community – a notion that, to us, requires just a modest effort from each individual to make a profound impact. It is with great pride that we dedicate our support to two exceptional projects that hold a special place in our hearts.
The first project we are honored to support is the Superyacht Charity, founded by Derek Munro. This initiative resonates deeply with our values, aiming to make a tangible difference in the lives it touches

Equally close to our hearts is the Oceans of Hope project, led by Robert Munns. This project embodies our shared commitment to fostering hope and making a positive change in the world

At Global Yacht Services GmbH, we have made a conscious decision to actively support both of these heartwarming projects. For every man-hour billed to our clients, we pledge to donate one euro to both the Superyacht Charity and Oceans of Hope. This commitment is not just a part of our business model; it’s a reflection of our ethos.

We invite you to join us on this journey of giving and compassion. Participating in charity is not about the magnitude of your contribution but about the decision to take action. Every effort counts, and together, we can make a significant impact.

Please take a moment to visit the websites of these inspiring projects and consider supporting their mission. Your support can help amplify our efforts and extend the reach of these incredible initiatives.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to make a difference. Together, we can contribute to a better world.