Electrical and Electronic

Electrical and Electronics are at the core of our expertise. Ensuring the accuracy of every electrical task is crucial for both your boat's safety and your well-being. While many can install navigational equipment, the key question is: is it done correctly? Are the fuses in place as they should be? Is the cable the precise specification required? We're not just qualified; we're dedicated to precise installation and repairs, adhering to the highest standards. Our expertise extends to supplying and installing leading brands of marine electrics and electronics. Whether it's servicing, repairs, full or partial rewiring, or conducting comprehensive electrical system health checks, we've got you covered. Count on us for sound advice or seamless execution of any electrical task—your boat's safety is our priority.


Hydraulic systems have become an integral part of nearly every yacht, owing to their remarkable efficiency. When installed and maintained correctly, they demand minimal attention. However, regular maintenance remains essential, and occasional repairs are inevitable. These tasks should only be entrusted to trained specialists, as even minor misalignments or contamination can lead to significant consequences. Our yacht service not only provides spare parts but also offers expert maintenance and repair for hydraulically operated gangways, sliding doors, and specialized constructions. Additionally, we undertake all other hydraulic system works, meticulously disassembling and refurbishing facilities from the ground up. This meticulous process typically occurs at our workshop in the company headquarters, ensuring optimal conditions for all necessary work and a consistent assurance of top- notch quality. Trust us to handle your hydraulic systems with the precision and expertise they require, guaranteeing the utmost care and efficiency in our services.

Grp and Gelcoat Repairs

GRP and Gelcoat Repairs are an essential part of equipment installation. It takes expertise to master the craft—be it creating a sturdy shelf for an anchor windlass, reinforcing a bulkhead for an autopilot drive, or patching up holes from previous instrument fittings. Years of hands-on experience are what truly hone these skills. We understand the heartache of seeing your cherished boat damaged. However, rest assured that everything is reparable. Our goal is to ensure that the finished repair showcases minimal evidence, if any, of the initial damage. We're committed to achieving flawless results that leave no trace of the repair work. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we won't settle for anything less than a seamless, impeccable finish.

Hull Refurbishment

Renew the beauty of your boat with our expert hull refurbishment services. Over time, the gelcoat finish inevitably weathers from UV exposure and everyday wear. Our meticulous refurbishment process is designed to restore your boat to its pristine condition. Each refurbishment project is a labor of dedication, but the satisfaction of witnessing a revived hull and delighted customers makes it all worthwhile. Our process involves meticulous steps, including a gentle 1000 grit sanding if required, followed by a meticulous burnishing with cutting pastes to rejuvenate the color and luster. To safeguard the gelcoat and enhance the gleaming finish, we apply a protective wax, ensuring long-lasting protection and a brilliant high gloss. Trust us to breathe new life into your boat's appearance with our precise and rewarding refurbishment techniques.

Dock Assistance

Refit and Repair Planning Support:

For captains and engineers overseeing their own refits, GYS offers structured planning assistance for refits. Our office-based support enables the crew to effectively monitor project progress, budget adherence, and overall quality.

Upon the owner's or captain's request, Global Yacht services can provide a detailed quote to handle project management for significant refits/repairs. Our services include tendering to shipyards and contractors, negotiating agreements, and overseeing the refit process.

Teak Repairs

A meticulously maintained teak deck not only enhances the elegance of your yacht but also ensures a secure, non-slip surface, offering comfort and shielding your vessel from external elements. However, the upkeep of teak or similar wood decking demands regular care to preserve its quality. If you've observed issues like leaks, splits, lifting, or damage on your deck, our team at Global Yacht Services comprises seasoned shipwrights and joiners ready to restore or replace your deck to its pristine state. Our services cover a spectrum of decking materials, including teak, lignia, or synthetic options. From meticulous re-caulking to comprehensive repairs or complete deck replacement, we're dedicated to bringing back your deck's perfection and functionality. Trust us to revitalize your deck, ensuring it stands the test of time with both beauty and resilience.


A mere cut and polish with a wax application might seem like a quick fix, but it's often a temporary solution. In reality, this approach tends to last only 2-3 months before oxidation resurfaces. Additionally, an annual harsh compound-based cut and polish can deteriorate the surface, leading to irreversible damage. Remember, gel-coat and paint layers are thin, and frequent abrasion can necessitate costly solutions like painting, wrapping, or applying new gel-coat. Properly restoring gel-coat requires the complete removal of oxidation, not just masking it with oil-heavy polishes or waxes. Using these can actually speed up surface degradation, leading to a swift return of oxidation. Take a stroll through any boat yard in spring, and you'll witness boats undergoing the same harsh compound, polish, and wax treatment year after year (not advisable). The key is to minimize surface polishing and instead apply a protective coating offering UV protection. This proactive approach ensures long-term preservation, reducing the need for frequent polishing. At the end of the day, the golden rule is to preserve the surface with minimal abrasion and opt for protective coatings that can be reapplied as needed, safeguarding your vessel's appearance effectively.


Our Refit services offer comprehensive global solutions, managing everything from scaffold and containment systems to the final refinishing of paint. We specialize in both touch-up repairs and complete paint applications, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and top-quality finishes for your vessel. Whether it's addressing minor imperfections or executing a full-scale paint job, our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that enhance the aesthetics and longevity of your yacht.


solution that's distinctive, flexible, swift, cost-effective, and long-lasting. Beyond aesthetics, this method shields your yacht from UV damage and the elements, ensuring durability for up to eight years. Breathing new life into your yacht is now an achievable reality. Through yacht vinyl wrapping, we can completely revamp the hull of an 80-foot yacht within days. Even for a full-color change on a 30-60m yacht, the process takes mere weeks, minimizing downtime while delivering striking results. Say goodbye to lengthy renovations and embrace a rapid, efficient, and impactful transformation for your vessel.


At Global Yacht Services, we recognize the paramount importance of maintaining your main engines at their peak performance. Whether it's a simple filter replacement, addressing fuel supply issues, routine annual servicing, or a comprehensive engine rebuild, our expert team is equipped to handle it all. To ensure your engines run seamlessly, we strongly recommend a main engine service during the winter months. Our seasoned engineers specialize in the repair and servicing of a wide array of yacht engines, including esteemed brands such as MAN, Caterpillar, Volvo, MTU, Perkins, Honda,, Mercury, Cummins, Detroit, and Yanmar. Our team boasts a rich background in the marine engineering industry, guaranteeing meticulous inspections during service to leave no detail unchecked. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our swift and cost-effective procurement of engine parts through a well-established supply chain. Even if parts require air freight to reach your location, we ensure a comprehensive repair process from initiation to completion, ensuring your yacht's engines receive top-notch care from start to finish. Trust us for a complete and thorough engine servicing and repair experience.

Concierge Services

At GYS Yachts, we thrive on exceeding expectations, going the extra mile to curate every aspect of your journey, whether on land, in the air, or at sea. To enhance your superyacht experience, we've established strategic global partnerships, expanding our offerings to ensure excellence in every detail. Through our yacht concierge service, we aspire to elevate your experience even further. From your yacht's needs to charter requests, we're committed to delivering nothing short of the extraordinary. Expect exceptional service tailored to your desires, aiming to fulfill every request with unparalleled attention and care.


Project managment

Embark on a two-decade journey of top-tier refit expertise in the European market with Global Yacht Services. Our unwavering commitment to delivering reliable refits is underpinned by meticulous project management and the precision of German craftsmanship. Founder Friedrich Dreves highlights our straightforward approach, underscored by transparent contracts aligned with ICOMIA standards, and a proven network ensuring optimal results. Utilizing an intuitive project management software, ASANA, with mobile access for clients guarantees complete transparency for all involved parties throughout each project. At Global Yacht Services, we bring together passion and knowledge to ensure excellence in every refit project. Join us on this maritime journey marked by dedication and proficiency.

Video Production

With our partner company, Synchro 360, we not only offer comprehensive refit documentation but also provide the opportunity to create stunning yacht videos—from the refit phase until the launch of the refurbished yacht. Whether you require a detailed record for yourself or your client, Synchro 360 is the ideal partner for complete documentation of the works.